BE Hub

We critically engage the latest insights from the field of behavioral economics and explore their relevance to our local context. The BE Hub is a compilation of think pieces and white papers with a broad research agenda that will empower organizations to develop scientific, creative, and impactful solutions.

Infusing behavioral insights in COVID-19 communication strategies to improve public health compliance

22 July 2020 | What can we learn from behavioral science about putting humans at the core of the communication response to the pandemic?

Ways to redesign food delivery apps to nudge the public into consuming less unsustainable packaging

20 July 2020 | Our team outlines ways to redesign food delivery apps to address the packaging waste boom and achieve better outcomes.

Learn about our Framework

The LEAP model is our in-house framework aimed at designing bespoke nudge interventions, evaluating their impact, and scaling up solutions based on an empirical and scientific approach.

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