What We Do

We provide the latest insights in the field of behavioral economics for communities in the global south. We collaborate with public and private sector organizations and their teams of change-makers in making big decisions by anchoring them on choice architecture and the best that behavioral science research has to offer.


BE Hub

We critically engage the latest insights from the field of behavioral economics and explore their relevance to our local context to build a BE Hub that will empower organizations in developing scientific, creative, and impactful solutions

Partnerships and Pilot Projects

We form partnerships and design, test, and evaluate nudge interventions or even help build nudge units, making use of the best that behavioral economics has to offer.

Strategy and Policy Prognosis

We share our knowledge and expertise of behavioral economics to public and private organizations and teams. We build on our diverse disciplines and bring in behavioral economics as our cross-cutting lens to provide tailor-fit strategy and policy advice.

Executive Coaching

We make ourselves available to provide direct coaching with policy-makers, business managers, and their teams of problem-solvers.

Climate and Energy

Climate Advocacy | Sustainable Energy | Energy Conservation

Urban Development

Public Space & Design | Active Mobility | Urban Policy

Public Policy

Health & Education | Good Governance

Financial Management & Savings | Risk Perceptions

Organizational Change | Human Resources Management

Digital Marketing | Online Retail | Startup Incubation

Connect with Us

We are interested in partnerships with startups, digital enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, corporations, development organizations, and policy-makers who are open to innovation and creativity.

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